Monday, 29 October 2012

Week 5 - Creative - Character Development (Poolside)

After looking at my development work over the past few days I have chosen my final design for what I want Bobby to look like.  At first I took the simple line art that I had sketched out and began to work on the colour palette for him. I looked at some of the children's illustrators I have mentioned earlier like Pascal Campion. After working on it here is what I came up with.

Now I was pleased with it. But I felt like the lines are just way too strong and seem to be defining it into an uninteresting style. So I took a chance and rendered him without any strong lines outlining him. Below is what I managed to produce.  

I am really pleased with this piece of concept art. I think that a style like this would work really well within 2D and I will begin to start looking into if it is worth producing it in Toon Boom or giving TVP a chance. Along with these designs I have most of my rough boards done up and I shall start taking a couple shots and creating some concept art of how I see the final film looking like. Which I will be including in the pitch and pitch document.

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