Monday, 8 October 2012

Week 2 - Creative - DESIGN

So I’ve been looking some more at the design of my character for my pitch. I seem to have settled for the moment on this one design that I think works really well.

I have spent this afternoon looking at the shape and body form. I want to try and do some more tests of the figure and try and see if he will work in motion. Might do a couple short animation tests in the coming week.

On another note I had a quick meeting with Marc about his Weegee project. He seemed pleased with the designs I had produced so far but he told me to look more into the statuesque aesthetics of art deco and art nouveau. Especially in the way in which we should you shadows and the manipulation of shadows where the eyes of characters would be and still be able to make them emote.  Here are a few rough conceptual sketches. I want to spend some time working on the Weegee character himself so we have a rough idea of what he looks like so that he could be shown at the small pitch we have to do on Thursday. 

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