Monday, 8 October 2012

Week 2 – Creative Week - RESEARCH

I’ve taken this morning to gather up a handful of inspirational animated shorts that I feel will help me define the look of my piece.

This one to kick off called Bare is really interesting. I really like the motion of the bear himself. The way in which he carries himself is really cute and I could see the same stumpy leg cycle working well with my little boy that I have been designing. I also like the idea of using real textures to create a painted look to the piece. I might try and test out this to get the boys shorts looking interesting. 

In Between is a great French short that I think is really effective with its use of music. The soundtrack really carries this one and brings it to a great level of professionalism. The sound behind the crocodile is also impressive. Managing to make an animal that is very dangerous to sound and behave quite cute by the use of purring. On a side note I also really enjoy the pastel backgrounds and the slight bits of detailing in the background on the odd thing giving it a sort of postcard perfect look of Paris. 

This is another interesting French short. I really enjoy the design of all the characters. They all work so well in standing apart from each other but all following a certain style that joins them all together on screen. I might use this as reference as I develop the design for my piece. 

On a bit of a random side note. I found the idea and theme of this short really sweet. Dealing with a character mustering the courage to come out in front of his mate. But only to be cut off with an “I know” which I think is sweet and follows the same idea of someone making a big deal out of something that people see as norm now.  It is similar to the boy who is making a big deal out of diving in my story.

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