Friday, 26 April 2013

Dear Nana _ Shot 28

Spent about a day Doing the rough animation then Clean up and colour as well. Still need to finalize the look of the bottle and oil with the director.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Patsy Colour Script - Work In Progress

Getting to Grips with a Cintiq

During my lunch break I decided to give the Cintiq in the studio a whirl. I did these 3 sketches in about 15 mins spending about 5 mins on each roughly.  I think I am in love with it. Now all I need is someone to buy one for me. Anyone?

Friday, 19 April 2013

Website Development - Colour Palette

I have taken a quick moment out of my production to start looking into the mood board I created previously. I took it into photoshop and picked out colours that I want to base my theme on. I am pleased with the overall tone which resembles a playful sort of powder paint.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Website Development

I wanted to start looking into the colour and design of my personal website that I will be using to sell my skills after graduating. I am taking the time to look at other website from other animators and take it what I like and what I dislike from them:

Dony Permedi - 3D animator’s website

  • Good strength of visuals.
  • Limited colour palette.
  • Showreel right on the front page.
  • Small amount of nagivation. 3 top tabs.
  • Don’t like the use of grey. Seems a little boring. A little sterile. Not very personal from the look of it.

Josh Burton - Animator / storyteller

  • A site that I really don’t like. It is more like a blog layout rather than a website layout.
  • Similar limited colour palette.
  • Not many visuals on the first page. Not really looking like a shop window.

Ryan Woodward's page

  • Impressive style. Its all in tune with his own style.
  • Nice banner of work. Interactive. With animation within the website. (use?)
  • Nice paper texture.
  • Has a blog feel like the previous one.

From these sites I have found some issues that I want to consider when I begin to design my site. 

I want to:
  • Try and make paper texture style new and different.
  • A uniformed style between my site/blog/twitter/business card.
  • Images and show reel on the front page. As I am both design and animator.
  • To work within a limited colour palette for all design work for the site.

To start looking into the idea of getting a colour scheme that will help my site stand out I have decided to whip up a simple mood board of colours and textures that I want to filter into my inspiration for my website.

I want to have some colour in my site and the two covers by MSMR will play a big influence in how I want the site to look in terms of soft pastel like colours that play off each other. 

Next I will be starting to look at the layout and pages I will be including within the site. 

Production Update (Patsy)

Turn Around of the Accordion player

Dear Nana (Character Turnarounds)

Here are two Turn Arounds I have done for Dear Nana. They were very easy to do with great designs made by Lydia. They took about 2 hours each.