Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Website Development

I wanted to start looking into the colour and design of my personal website that I will be using to sell my skills after graduating. I am taking the time to look at other website from other animators and take it what I like and what I dislike from them:

Dony Permedi - 3D animator’s website

  • Good strength of visuals.
  • Limited colour palette.
  • Showreel right on the front page.
  • Small amount of nagivation. 3 top tabs.
  • Don’t like the use of grey. Seems a little boring. A little sterile. Not very personal from the look of it.

Josh Burton - Animator / storyteller

  • A site that I really don’t like. It is more like a blog layout rather than a website layout.
  • Similar limited colour palette.
  • Not many visuals on the first page. Not really looking like a shop window.

Ryan Woodward's page

  • Impressive style. Its all in tune with his own style.
  • Nice banner of work. Interactive. With animation within the website. (use?)
  • Nice paper texture.
  • Has a blog feel like the previous one.

From these sites I have found some issues that I want to consider when I begin to design my site. 

I want to:
  • Try and make paper texture style new and different.
  • A uniformed style between my site/blog/twitter/business card.
  • Images and show reel on the front page. As I am both design and animator.
  • To work within a limited colour palette for all design work for the site.

To start looking into the idea of getting a colour scheme that will help my site stand out I have decided to whip up a simple mood board of colours and textures that I want to filter into my inspiration for my website.

I want to have some colour in my site and the two covers by MSMR will play a big influence in how I want the site to look in terms of soft pastel like colours that play off each other. 

Next I will be starting to look at the layout and pages I will be including within the site. 

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