Friday, 16 March 2012

London Drawings

Here are a few that I was really pleased with. Just messing around with style and shape.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

End of Term Update

So I thought I would brush up and let you all know where I am on what and how everything is going.

Animation Production

I took some time to redesign the characters that we had for "The Evacuee".

Looking more at basic shapes making it easier for Dave to Model.

Although After much consideration and talking with my Tutors I felt that I would benefit more if I left my group to go work upon more 2D based projects. I have jumped upon Lauren, Freddy and Sam's project and I am also looking to work on a few other projects too to make up for it.

Red or Dead 

We are currently working on a live brief for a fashion label named Red or Dead. Working in a team of Omari, Megan, Ted, Suzana and Tom we have began working on adapting the tale of the enchanted horse to incorporate the beliefs of the brand and there lastest product. High fashion bikes.

Megan and myself worked on a mood board to show on the pitch. Taking the styles and ideas that we came up during the brainstorming session and making a great board that I am really proud of.

After looking at the story I took the time to work on a couple version of storyboards that we would work within the pitch. the first was very rough and we wound up scraping as the story didn't flow and tutors were asking for less of an advertisement and more darkness. After reworking the story the first edition of the boards are looking great. They still need to be re-worked but here is the progress.
Red or Dead Boards v1

3rd Year Projects


I have been doing some rough animation for this project. I was really looking forward to working on this when I saw the pitch and the style back in November. So i've been given a few shots to work on that I am pleased with. Unfortunately I don't have the software to animate on over the easter holiday so I won't be able to make any progress on it over the break. But the team seem to be okay with that.

Dark Descent 

This was another project that I'm excited to work on. I am doing some rough animation for this project as well. Also I was interested in the promise of this project both Miguel and Tom as they both have high hopes for the film and it would be great to have my name on a project that has the potential to go far.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Life Drawing - 7/3/2012

I'm really pleased with this 2 minuet drawings. It has such flow to it. 

This one I tried to work on portraiture but as I did not have my glasses and I was working from a distance I had to do some guess work. So it kinda looks like the model. But you guys didn't see her so it's all good.