Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Week 2 - Poolside - The Screenplay (Draft 1)

Okay! so I have been working on the screenplay for my pitch. It was a lot of fun trying to work in the free scriptwriting software called Celtx. I read up on how to format as well which was interesting. So this is one of the first drafts I have done. I have sent it to Derek and will get some feedback about it tomorrow. So fingers crossed some of it is positive.



          We open on a open air swimming pool with a diving board at the
          end of it.

          BOBBY is a little boisterous 7 year old. He has his eyes fixed
          on the top board.

          BOBBY watches a gentleman dive from the high board down into the
          pool with a gracious SPLASH.

          Close up on BOBBY's look of determination on his face. He is going
          to go for it.


          BOBBY walks to the end with a strong sense of purpose. He is going
          to dive off the end. No questions asked.

          BOBBY looks down as the camera looks up to him. BOBBY
          changes from determined to terrified in an instant. He
          springs backwards away from the edge of the board and onto
          his back.

          BOBBY is breathing heavy. Panicked and frightened at the height.
          Sound of the wind whistling and the end of the board staying

          BOBBY slaps some sense into himself. Why is he so afraid?

          BOBBY gets up and tries to make a run and jump. But as if he treads
          on super glue one foot sticks to the board and he boomerangs
          backwards into a shaking ball.

          CUT TO - BOBBY tries again running to the end with his eyes closed
          and then runs to the edge of the board and curves back

          CUT TO - BOBBY sat on the side of the board. In a sulk.

          CUT TO - BOBBY takes a running jump off the board and defy gravity
          and while suspended in the air panics and arms stretch back
          onto the board and pull him back to the board.

          CUT TO - BOBBY clenched fist. BOBBY brow furrowed.
          Approaching the end he swings his arms like a pendulum.¬†
          Arms up he stops swings. scrunched up face he bends his legs
          and just goes for it.


          Camera pulls back to reveal that BOBBY was on the littlest diving
          board next to the high board.

          CUT TO - in the water BOBBY emerges from the water and un
          scrunches his face and started to beam a cute smile.

          CUT TO - Poolside - BOBBY walks with a strut past the sunbed of
          the Male diver he watched on the high board. Oh yeah. he did
          it. Man is not paying attention as BOBBY struts off into the

          FADE TO BLACK

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