Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Week 3 - Creative - Character Design (Poolside)

I've started to take a proper look at what I want my little boy to look like in terms of design and style. I wanted a chunky blocky feel to him so I started by toying around with simple shapes to build up an interesting silhouette.

After spitballing a few designs around I started to settle on this one design in particular.

I really liked the chunky feel of the arms and legs although after doing a couple of different angles I found that his hair seems to be cause a few problems. I just don't know what is wrong with it but I'm just having trouble with the side angle. It is looking wrong. So my next plan of action is to take a longer look at the design and see if it can work as I was having the same trouble with one of the other designs that I tried. I'm not too sure if what I am designing is too flat and two dimensional or I've just lost my drawing skills for the day. Anyway I hope you enjoy the progress I am making.

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