Monday, 11 February 2013

A Productions Internship - Day 1

So I have been given a great opportunity to work with a studio in Bristol for the week. The studio is called A Productions . They have been around in the industry for years now.



To be honest I did feel a little bit nervous as I got there. But it all faded once I got in the building and began to have a look round. People were generally friendly and working away on whatever they were working on. I even met an falmouth illustration grad working there. It's nice to think that some people do come out of this uni and into a job. 

After a quick tour of the building I was introduced to who I would be working with for the rest of the week. His name was Phil and he was the resident in house story artist. He has been working for the studio for quite some time now and his work was really impressive. 

I would be helping him with his work on a children's show that they were helping develop for the BBC. My job was to take the rough boards that he had done and take them into photoshop and clean them up. The character design was nice and simple which was a plus. It was also great to be working so close to Phil so I could get feedback so quickly. 

I was learning that my work needed to be more bolder so the lines wouldn't get lost when the boards are printed out on paper in PDF format. 

So far it has been a really pleasant experience. I feel like this situation i am benefitting from a lot in comparison to when I worked at Aardman where I was just there to shadow really. Here I am actually producing work that needs to be industry standard which is daunting but I do like a challenge. 

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