Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Term 2 - Engage (Project Update)

So it’s a new year and another term begins. Unfortunately I didn’t make any progress with my university projects that I have been working on. I am a little disappointed in myself but now is my chance to make up for it.

This week I have started getting back in touch with projects and getting the ball rolling again.


At the moment I have been given a couple more backgrounds to develop as I have pretty much making the final touches to the bedroom. I am pleased with how the project is going and I like the new animatic that is featured on Laura’s Blog.


I was sad to find out that Lydia has decided that she wants to pull the project. I am a little saddened by this as I think it has potential to work. At least I got to brush up some of my animation skills but creating that test walk cycle.


I have pretty much finished the walk cycle for this project and Tim seems pretty pleased with it and so do I. It’s been nice to work back inside of Flash again. I just need to polish the line work so that when he cuts it out the woman will not fall apart.


As of writing I have yet to hear anything back from the director so I will try to find out where the project is going and what I will need to do to help out. 

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