Monday, 26 November 2012

Week 9 - Pre Production - Tests (Dear Nana) StoryBoarding (Patsy)

A couple weeks ago I jumped on “Dear Nana” as part of the 2D animation team. Working closely with Lydia we are working out how the 2D is going to be produced. This first test was a simple character walk cycle that I did by hand. This was really refreshing to do, as I don’t think I’ve sat down and done something like this since my first year. I liked the way I could plan spontaneous motion while a sketched it out in the planning stages. Although it is a longer process than working within the likes of ToonBoom I think we may need to sit down and finalize the process soon.

I was really pleased with this test and it really helped communicate the character. I tried to push the secondary animation especially on the breasts. I think that after the feedback from others the animation with be toned down a little bit on the next animation test.

I’ve also on a side note been working very closely on the “Patsy” project within the storyboard/animatic phase. We have been going back and forth doing different version as the story has been evolving and also cut back. As marc has been given me his own rough thumbnails of how he sees it I have gone and cleaned the up and drawn the characters within the frame in the right pose and on model as well. This process will hopefully give us a really great polished animatic. 

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