Friday, 2 November 2012

Week 5 - Creative - October Review

So as of today I have just handed in my pitch document for Poolside. It was a stressful week but as least its done and I can carry on developing the project further.

I thought I would take some time to evaluate the first month of being back up to this point. I have been pretty successful in terms of kick starting my own project. It’s been a lot of hard work to cram into this first month. This is due to the fact that I have yet to bring anyone else onto the project. Apart from a few pointers here and there from course mates and tutors this project has been all me. This has been good as I was able to let my designs run wild and crazy and enjoy the time making a project that has been for me. On the down side it has been a lot of work to digest and especially in the run up to this hand in I felt like I could have cracked at any moment.

While this project was in full swing I decide to give myself some extra work to do as I jumped on to Marc Cullen’s project very early on in the design process. I wanted to try and push myself in terms of character designs. It was really interesting to work with someone else again. It was a great opportunity to stretch my design skills as Marc has a very strong idea of what he wanted. Also looking at other artists that I wouldn’t have normally looked at was very helping in developing the character design and my visual style even further. There have been points where I have felt like I had taken on too much work by jumping on this one. But as I take a moment to reflect and evaluate I think it is going to be extremely beneficial in the long run.

The next objectives on my agenda are to carry on developing the thumbnail storyboards alongside with the pitch, which will be happening in just under a week now. I am a little worried about standing in front of everyone as I am used to talking in front of my own class but with the other year groups and also the judges this extra dynamic has made me feel a little worried. But I think with a good amount of preparation most of these worries will fade away.  

I also need to carry on designing for Marc because as of yesterday evening there have been major story changes which involves the need of new characters and old ones to be ditched. All in the name of animation. 

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