Monday, 19 November 2012

Week 8 - Pre Production - Character Design (Patsy)

I have been working on the two main characters as one of the points we were given post pitch was that the style needed to be reworked. So i have started to communicated even more so with Kirstianne who is in charge of backgrounds and I came up with some more development work for both Max and Patsy. Here is some of the coneptual work I did last week.



I was really pleased with these two and I felt like they had progressed more than the quick designs I had done before the pitch document. But after talking with both Helen and my group together we felt like they still weren't ready. 

Some of the issues that need to be addressed is the hyper perfection of them. They are ment to look like rough street rats in Max's case. Patsy can be a little less rough around the edges but I feel like they both need to have a bit more git. Also WE found that the look fo the trousers was not right. As it did make for a great design feature in theory we came to think that it would be too much to get people to animated to these poofy parachute like trousers. 

So I have been working again on trying to get these characters into the style of the 1940s and also so that they fit into the backgrounds as well. No mean feat but I do love a challenge. 


and after a few changes a began to get some rough versions of the new designs. 

Patsy (Left) and Max (Right)

These designs are a lot more rough and ready than the ones previous. I like the angles and the idea of using simple shapes to build these characters like the triangle based nose that Max has and the square shaped one that Patsy has. Here are some more character based poses for both of them. 

Here are a few turn arounds that I did as well so we could get more of a spacial feel for them both. 
Max posed turnaround

Patsy Turnaround

Max Turnaround

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