Sunday, 11 November 2012

Production Update

After only just handing in our pitch documents we had to gather our work for the pitch Thursday just gone. I was nervous about it as I hadn’t prepared anything for it yet. I spent the days running up to it building up a few images that I wanted to show to sell my project alongside working on Images for Patsy. 

I was really pleased with how the pitch went. I got some feedback from the judges straight away which was a mixture of neutral positive. Which I thought was alright. The following day we were given our proper feedback and project were given lights according to if they were okay (green) needed more work (orange) or and issues and production would wind up stopping (red)

Unfortunately Poolside was given a red light. This was hard for me to take as I had been working on this for a while and it had become my baby sort of. But form the one to one feedback I got given by the tutors they helped make it clear that it wasn’t the fact that the project was bad it was just not the sort of project they wanted going through into production. They told me it was more of a short short than a short film, which I understood. 

I think If I had the opportunity to go back and redo my pitch I would have maybe put some more dynamic poses for the concept art which may have helped sell my idea to the judges as they had never seen my project before. I will try my best to continue this project in my own personal time and try and make the most out of the situation that I am in. I think it would work as a small short 40-second animation which would be great to put on something like my showreel.

On the positive side Patsy has been given the amber light. One of the main issues that we have been told to address is the design and style. We need to communicate more of the 1940s America. I had a feeling that they would tell us to look into this if we got Pasty through the pitching stage. So I have started to dive more into the research again and look at re designing the characters and we are also looking into re working the backgrounds as well to help display the era and style. 

Also I have already started looking around at the other projects that I want to become involved with now. I have approached Dear Nana and asked if they need someone to work on there storyboards and also the 2D side of the animation pipeline. I have also been approached by Mr Tidbro to do some 2D animating for that as well which mean there will be no rest for the wicked. 

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