Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Week 2 - Pre Production - Character Design (Patsy)

Today I have been focusing on the design issues with Max and Patsy. After a meeting with the director we found aspects of Max that I had begun to re-design that were working so I started to develop him a bit more. 

After settling on the structure of the face I began to make some variations on the hairstyles. 

Here are some final look sketches that I am pretty pleased with. I think it shows a nice progression.

Next up was Patsy. I have decided now that I have begun to soften up Max that the same thing needed to happen to Patsy. So I started to do a few thumbnails of softer face shapes. Looking at the Hogarth Hughes from the Iron Giant.

I am really pleased with his final look. We wanted him to look like he wants to act older like Max but he just isn’t there yet which is communicated in his clothing which is very mature for his age. 

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