Friday, 11 January 2013

Week 1 - Pre Production - Character Design (Patsy)

After having a couple meetings with the director Marc on the project we have decided to re work the character design. Not give them all complete facelift but just some tweaks here and there. One of the new issues to address is the fact that it is now set in post world war 2 London. So this will be taken into account when I start looking into what kind of clothes the boys will be wearing.

To begin with I have looked at Max I have decided to rework his face shape a little as he was too similar to Patsy and this was apparent in the early animatic. So here are some of the new thumbnails I have done this afternoon.

From these I went back to get some feedback and we singled out one face.

From this face I am going to do some more development and test out some different outfits on him to help him fit in with the time period and location.

I also have begun to design the grocer that will feature in a scene of the film.

From these I have done a rough line up of the body shapes. As the to boys are subject to change I have only done simple body skeleton. This helps give a rough feel of the height of each character relative in space.

As a little bit extra I did a rough version of Patsy’s father. By taking some of the visual aspects of Patsy and trying to apply them to the father so you could believe that this is his father. 

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