Monday, 7 May 2012

Start of Week Update - With photos

Back again. Trying to make these updates a bit more informative and interesting for both me and you the reader.

So lets get to it.

Alice Holmes - Yes/No Project

I have been working hard this week on this project. I have been given the task of line cleaning and painting. I was given rough animation that Alice had been doing and then taking it and making the lines more sketchy and then painting them with a somewhat watercolour look to them. I am pleased with the final look that this project has and I can't wait to see the final cut. Here is a quick screenshot of what i've been working on.

Cinematography Project

This is coming along really nicely. After a few idea session my group and I settled on an alien sci fi theme with chase elements and we went about on last wednesday to go filming. I stepped up the be the actor for the piece as due to time that Frankie gave us for the project finding actors on such short notice was just not successful. But the footage that we came away with looks really good. So far from just the rough cut it has the potential to be really interesting. We are now just working on the soundtrack for it and Ted has been working on a simple moster model in Maya to place into the background of a couple shots.


So this shot is almost done now. I have been given the size and dimensions now so I can work out the final output of the shot. All that is left to do now is just to clean up the shot and colour the girl. I am really pleased with this shot as it's one of the longest pieces of animation i've worked on in a while and it was a great challenge to work back in flash and also to animate two characters interacting.

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