Friday, 20 April 2012

End of the Week Update

Just a quick end of the week catch up on what I have been getting up to.

Yes/No Project 

I have agreed to work with Alice and co on her project giving them a hand with line cleaning and colouring. I am really pleased with how this short looks they have such a beautiful style and I think the final piece is going to look lovely. Also I have Agreed to help out Marc and his group too. Giving them a hand with a few 2D scenes that they need animating which will be exciting. And I have agreed to work on Freddy's project but I am yet to be given a job from them yet.

Red or Dead 

We have the storyboard/animatic all finished and ready and are planning to film later next week. With the plan to have some rough shots ready to show by next friday. 3rd Year work

Dark Descent

I have one shot I am working on. A walk cycle that they will be using. I am beginning to work within flash again which is always interesting.


I have done about 3 shots so far for them which have been alot of fun. I am yet to get any new shots to work on as of yet.

 Love and Hate 

 I have jumped on this project too as I think its such a cute piece of work. I am in the middle of doing quite a complicated shot with two characters interacting. Here below is a shot of how it is coming along. Can't wait to get some feedback on it and get it done.

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