Friday, 11 May 2012

End of the Week Update - 11th of May

So it's the end of the penultimate week of a fair few of my projects at the moment. So I'm Gunna touch base on a few of them at the moment.

Red or Dead

So this project is in post production phase right now. At the beginning of this week we did the majority of the filming that was needed for the final cut. As the green screen studio was completely booked out we decided to make do and turn my bedroom into a temporary studio. It worked surprisingly well. As a group we also decided to make Zuzanna the other model in the piece. As there meeting within the film is a culmination of Persian culture (Jaz) and urban london culture (Zuzanna) Below are some of the production shots and also one of the lovely Jaz who was great to work with.

Now that the shooting has been done we are now in the process of putting the footage into backgrounds we have been making from cut out photo montage. Next week will be crunch time as I hope we get to finish it in time. I believe we will but it mean alot of long days next week. I am determined to win.

Alice Holmes' Project

I have been also dipping my toe in with Alice's yes/no project and helping her with line cleaning and painting. I have really been enjoying it. The shots alice has been animating have been so beautiful to work on and the final piece is really going to be something to behold. Its also been a great opportunity for me to learn how to use TV Paint. So far at the moment I have done about 6 or so shots for them and I'm working on the last couple now.

Freddy Pooley's Project

I have been given the first 3 shots for this project to animate. Which is very exciting. So far I have wrapped up the 1st shot and I have roughed out the 2nd and 3rd shot. It nice to get back into Toon Boom too. The style is also really interesting and fun to work with.


I am so impressed with the how this is coming along. We have a soundtrack that has been composed by my colleague Ted Whitehead (BLOG) and has a beautiful etherial feel to it and also a somewhat haunting echo to it. Which I think really makes the film look even better. The next step for this project is to animate the Monster so it can be Comped in and also get some sound effects from me to plus it.

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