Saturday, 9 October 2010

Animation Assignment

We were given a great first assignment in which we had to animate on paper a football bouncing and a bowling ball bouncing. In order to learn how to express the weight of different objects. So to begin with I start doing a little research on how each ball bounced to see what I was going to be dealing with.

As you can see the football can really bounce a fair few times before it winds to a halt. In order to make the boucing on my animation become more pronounced I shall use the age old trick of squash and stretch.

I am really pleased with the final version. I added a few more frames at the start so it looked more like the ball had actually flown in from outside of the screen. After working on that I went on to tackle the bowling ball.

Even though It isn't falling onto a hard surface you can still see the difference in weight between this footage and the previous football footage. Less bouncing really shows that it is a lot heavier.

This worked really well. Although I think that it could have done with a few more frames in between the drop so it lasted just a little bit longer. But I really love the way I got the simple roll at the end to give it a bit more dimension.

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