Sunday, 29 May 2011

Defying Gravity Animatic by Heidi Jo Gilbert

One of my mates showed me this a while back and thought it was most definitely worth a blog post. This is a short animatic by animator Heidi Jo Gilbert that she did in her own time. I think it works really well with the soundtrack and helps make what is a classic broadway musical fit into the possibility of being a fully animated feature film. It is also such a great example of an animatic too. the pacing and the feel are really nice and as I watch it back you can really get the sense of how it would look when it is fully animated. Heidi Jo Gilbert is a great inspiration for me and you should go check out the rest of the stuf she has on her blog. its incredible. click here

Heidi Jo Gilbert's Storyboard Animation "Defying Gravity" from Helen Hill on Vimeo.

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