Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Flash Animation Project : Pre-Production Part 2

Here are another couple ideas that I have been working on as well. I chose the interesting topic of having and old-fashioned telephone talking about smarts phones and maybe iPhones. I thought It would be an interesting animation. So I did a sketch within Photoshop.

Also I came up with the idea of making a crow out of lots of lines. I thought that the design looked really bizarre but fun and quirky. Not entirely sure as to what the animation could be about if it was a crow but I am sure I could find an idea to fit around it.

I went back to my telephone sketch and thought I would do a simple design test with Flash where the animation would be produced. I think this works really well. Although I think that the face looks somewhat wrong. But I think that the whole design kinda carries it and makes it look believable.

Having asked a couple people about the designs that I have done I got the most responses from the owl design. So I am going to carry on my first idea and work on some ideas of what the background could be.