Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Patsy Animatic 06_03_2013

I havn't blogged in a couple weeks so I feel bad. So I'm going to try and get myself back into the routine of it again

Over the past few weeks I have started storyboarding the new script of Patsy. I was given a script that Marc had worked on and then I was given the oppertunity to rewrite it. This was interesting as I don't often write the scripts for projects and such. But I digress. I have started to take more of a story director form of role on the project where as Marc is now taking the more technical side of things and organising people to help out on the film.  While he has been doing that I have been taking the re worked script and boarding it all out. I have to admit that even after all these months of re works I am still really enjoying storyboarding. I think that working at A Productions for that week really helped my drawing skills and helped make me draw more dynamic storyboard frames. Which will help communicate the way that the story begins to change.

Below is the first full animatic I have cut and edited. After looking back at it within the feedback session I have noticed how quick alot of the shots are. I think I was a little too harsh with my cutting as I was trying to make it as short as possible. I think that I will spend some more time working on the timing. I will also spend some time looking at the final scene where he pushes him to give it more of an impact.

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