Thursday, 14 June 2012

Filling in the Gaps

As the academic year has began to come to a close I have started to look forward onto the next year. As we are given the chance to create our own project and pitch it I thought I would spend some of the spare time we have been given and work on what I want to pitch.

So I thought I would look into ideas and thoughts that I would not normally work with. I have settled for the moment on developing a tale about one girls fear of diving.

I've been looking at footage of professional divers and there is something so beautiful about the movement and the shapes that they make as the jump. At the moment I have started to form a rough story that I want to keep as simple as possible and at the same time have an eye catching style that makes people want to watch the film and tell other about it. I want to spend some more time working on how I want it to look like.

But at the moment I have a few rough sketches and designs for the little girl that I want to have as the main character.

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