Friday, 2 December 2011

Animated Exeter 2012 Ident Animatic Pitch

Our idea is Indiana Jones meets the Flintstones. Taking the adventure and charisma in Indy and crossing that over with the whole idea of the Flintstones’ opening sequence where we follow him on his eventful and fun journey. But also using the character animation style of the Flintstones, which complements the Greg McLeod’s original design of small fast legs and bulky bodies. For the soundtrack we are going to take ordinary jungle sounds like birds and other exotic animals and distort them to give it the same quirkiness of the original illustration. The whole thing is going to be produced in CGI but using tools and effects to make it mirror the illustration in terms of colour and look. As of this pitch we have a core of 3 people working and if chosen we have others ready to get involved.

My Vimeo - Click Here

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