Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Pre-Production Project - Research

So I've hit the ground running and started work on my 1st project of the year. My Preproduction Project where I was given the follow details for my own personal brief;

Genre - Cooking Programme 
Character - Tin Toy(s)
Location - New York 
Style - John Vassos

I was very excited about this opportunity to develop a design bible around these constrictions. So as I begin the research phase I have started to look into books on both John Vassos. Who I have no clue about so it should be interesting to see how that works out. Plus I have taken some books out on the art of Tin Toys. Which I have found to be fascinating to read. The indicative style that these toys had of the countless years they have been around is incredible. 

But I thought I would quickly show you my beginnings of my research book and I look forward to it being full of interesting ideas and drawings and facts about all the various aspects of my project. 

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